Murder Mansion - Online Escape Room Game

The death of a young housemaid at Palmer mansion house was under suspicious circumstances. The local police department closed the case after spending a year trying to solve the mystery. Palmer mansion now stands boarded up and abandoned at the top of the hill and nobody dares to enter for the fear of what lies within. You as a new crime scene forensic detective have always had an interest in the case. Wishing to solve the case and make a good impression you decide to adventure into the building to investigate for yourself. Who knows what you may find hidden inside the mansion locally known as the "Murder Mansion".

The online game can be purchased through this portal and an access code will be sent instantly to your provided email address. The game can be played once by a team of up to 6 players.

The game can be played on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection - the bigger the screen the better!

Please note this game does not work on Smart TVs/Games Consoles.